Showing until October 12, 2023

Vassar Theatre proudly presents a variety of films, events and our best popcorn.

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--“The Hill” (PG, 126 min. bonus length; Sports, Drama, Biography)
--Sep 24 to 28: Sun and Wed 1:00 & 3:45 pm; Mon 3:45 pm; Tue 3:45 & 6:30 pm; Thu 6:30 pm.
--Available for Groups until Octoner 12. Please call (989) 823-3030.
The remarkable life of Ricky Hill (played by Colin Ford) and his improbable journey overcoming a physical handicap to play Major League Baseball. The story follows his faith, challenges and determination, in pursuing his dream while his father (Dennis Quaid) wants to protect him.
--Group Offers (15+) on tickets ($5.00 per person), popcorn & pop ($5.00 small combo, optional) available. Please book at (989) 823-3030. Individual tickets at and at the show.

PAW Patrol: The Might Movie” (PG, 88 min. Animation, Action)
Dora the Explorer and The Fantastical Creatures” (G, 5 min. Animation)
--Sep 29 to Oct 12: Fri, Sat and Tue 4:00 & 6:30 pm; Sun, Mon and Thu 4:00 pm. After a magical meteor strikes Adventure City, the PAW Patrol gain superpowers, turning them into The Mighty Pups. Soon enough, things take a bad turn when Humdinger and a mad scientist steal these powers to transform themselves into supervillains.

Private Cinema: “PC@VT”
For available times, please call (989) 823-3030. Bring your favorite film on Blu-ray/DVD. Invite family and friends, have some popcorn. Enjoy your own show.
$96.00 for up to 20 guests, $3.00 additional tickets.
--Host discount on popcorn and pop combos during all auditorium rentals.

Big Screen Video Gaming
Book a time, bring your console (HDMI connection required). Charge the controllers and go wild on our PC@VT Big Screen. $96.00 rental for two hours of playtime.
--Host discount on popcorn and pop combos during all auditorium rentals.  

--“VT Popcorn to Go” (G, 180 min.)
--Daily 4:00 to 7:00 pm.
Get your popcorn picker-upper: All sizes popcorn, combos, pop and candies are available to take home.
--In a hurry? Order ahead and pay online, schedule pick-up times at the link below. Please call (989) 823-3030 if you have questions.

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Matinee: Daily before 5:30 pm $5.00 for all.
Other Showtimes and Special Engagements:
Adults $6.50
Child, under 12 years $5.00
Senior, 60 and better $5.00
Bonus Length: $0.50 ticket surcharge for films with a running time of 120 minutes and longer.
Event Cinema pricing varies by presentation: Opera/Ballet, Music, Live Concert/Sports, Films.
Visa, MasterCard, Discovery with $20 minimum purchase at Vassar Theatre.
No credit card minimum for online payments.

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Gift Certificates available.
Group discounts and special screenings upon request at 989.823.3030.

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